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Sofa Victoria & Albert – Red


Sofa Victoria & Albert by Ron Arad, 2000

A continuous flow of curving lines, an image-form drawn without ever lifting the pencil off the paper. Originally a ‘doughnut’ which provided inspiration for a sculpture: squashed, and reworked, using irony to go beyond the usual approach to industrial design. Then the piece itself: the padding and sewn-to-measure upholstery over an inner fibreglass frame reveal the interaction between the technical and expressive merits of the design. Its never-ending lines are sensitive but strong, perfect consonance between surface and form, body and skin.



Sofa Victoria & Albert by Ron Arad, 2000


Colors Red




Stress-resistant polyurethane foam on fiberglass-reinforced resin and steel frame.

Legs  stainless steel


Width: 297cm
Height: 107/142cm
Depth:  125cm

Seat Height: 43cm