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Furniture Rental Paris for Special Events, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Booths, Corporate Events, Fashion Show, Conventions . Wide Range of Products & Brands. Chairs , Barstools , Armchairs, Sofas & Lounges, Tables & Bar Tables, Counters , Conference Furniture , Shelves , Accessoires and more .

Paris Rental Design Furniture
Paris Design Furniture Rental
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Design Furniture Rental

Maison De Lafaix provides an extensive collection of luxurious event furniture, lounge seating, corporate and trade show rentals. Our collection includes finest contemporary lounge furniture, chairs, tables, bars, stools, lighting and accessories and more .

Events Design & Decors

Maison De Lafaix produces luxury events, and unique experiences that are carefully crafted to be a true reflection of you. The expertise of our team has the talent to combine fine art, craftsmanship and technology, defining some of the most progressive and innovative event designs & decors. From the smallest detail to lavish grand stages designed and styled to its true potential and elegance that goes beyond the imagination.

We are the Dreamers.....We are Producers who turn Dreams into Reality!

We make the impossible possible.....

We tell a beautiful story!


Maison De Lafaix


Creating Atmosphere for Events