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Plinth Art – Customized


Create your own custom Plinth

Our stock plinths for hire are manufactured from high grade MDF .    Available in various sizes.

Plinths-for-hire- pedestal Expo in Paris-France.   Designs and styles include square, round, hexagonal and octagonal plinths.


Furniture hire Paris


Unpainted (natural)


Materials MDF / Wood
Dimensions X Large  L 40 x P 40 x H 100 cm

Large  L 30 x P 30 x H 100 cm

Medium  L 30 x P 30 x H 80cm

Small  L 30 x P 30 x H 50 cm

X Small  L 30 x P 30 x H 30 cm

Load capacity per base approx. 50 kg – 60 kg

Only suitable for indoor use

Various sizes and styles 

*prices starting at 45 euros
** Customized packaging  on request