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Thermometer Digital Infrared


The non-contact and forehead thermometer is suitable for Events control access.
This thermometer reliably and very quickly measures the temperature .



 Forehead Thermometer

Memory Function No
Supplied accessories 2 AAA Batteries and one Protective Cap
Connected No

Dual Technology:
– without contact with the skin, ideal for taking temperature. The device can be placed up to 2.5 cm away from the forehead.
– with contact to take the temperature yourself or to cross the result in contactless mode if you need to be reassured.
Whatever the temperature taking mode, the measurement is taken in just 2 seconds.

Very reliable, the thermometer has a guidance system that warns you if you are too far from the front.
An aiming light also allows you to determine the ideal point where to place the camera.

Precision Technology:
Thanks to a color code, you are able to know the temperature measurement without rough estimate:
– green: body temperature is normal
– yellow: the person has a fever
– red: a high fever has been measured.

To make it easier to use, a back lit screen signals fever even in the dark.
Accessories :
The thermometer is supplied with a protective cap and two AAA batteries (LR03).