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Sofa Flap – Edra

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Edra Flap Sofa designed by Francesco Binfarè for Edra . An original typology of sofa, innovative in performance and formal profile. One of Edra icons for its immediacy, simplicity, elegance and multi-functionality,  so  allowing the most diverse uses.

A sofa that can shape at your leisure according to your single needs all in only fourteen centimeters thick on a padded floor. The backrests adjust in multiple settings, worktop almost horizontal, single sofa, dormeuse for two, and knowing play with the modulation of the sofa you can also create pleasant conversation angles for groups of people. The structure of the sofa by Edra Flap is made of tubular metal, base in brushed and chromed metal. The feet are covered with the final aluminum and rubber scratch-proof. The filling is in flexible and breathable polyurethane foam of different densities.



Edra Flap Sofa designed by Francesco Binfarè


Colors White




Aluminium,  Metal Chrome, Polyurethane Foam, Rubber, Steel and covered in white leather.


Width: 355 cm
Height: 166 cm
Depth:  84 cm